Healing your Grieving Heart with Art Therapy

Did you know that the act of creating art can be helpful with the grief process? The creative process involved in the making of art is both healing and life-enhancing in many ways. It can help us express ourselves, explore our emotions, and increase a sense of well-being. Anyone can benefit from the healing properties of art and creativity…in fact, we can all be creative in one form or another! Using art is also a catalyst to help us memorialize and honor the lives of our beloved pets. Memorializing is one of the most effective ways to navigate your grief process and help you on the journey to healing after the passing of your animal friend. 

Every day, I hear grievers say “there are no words to fully describe how I’m feeling or how painful this is…”. When words don’t seem to capture how we feel, creating art can provide a voice to express images, memories, and stories of love and loss. It can also help us navigate the many waves of emotions while tapping into positive coping strategies. In addition, this creative process helps relieve stress and anxiety, and counteract the physical fatigue associated with grief and loss. 

When we create art in the presence of others, our individual stories of loss take on new meaning because we are no longer alone in our grief…we are a community. Others bear witness to our process – we are seen and heard. The individual lives of each of our beloved pets are honored and celebrated, together, in community with others.

We invite you to join us for our upcoming Pet Memorial Art Therapy Event on October 29. This event is free and open to anyone who has lost a beloved pet. For further questions and to RSVP please see our flyer and/or email me at rwright@summitvets.com. We look forward to seeing you there!

Memorial Art Therapy (2)


Warm Wishes ~

Rachel Wright, MSW, LSWAIC

Veterinary Social Worker

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®

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