National Senior Pet Month!

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The month of November is dedicated to loving and celebrating our senior companion animals, as well as spreading awareness and information about their adoption and unique care needs! As our pets age, it is important (and fun!) to celebrate all of their milestones, because old age is what we are aiming for with them after all!


As our pets go through different stages in life, it is important to remember that they may experience many changes including different dietary needs, lower energy levels, changes in exercise tolerance, vision and hearing loss, and other physical changes. Our senior pets also age at a faster pace that human, so it is important to take your senior pet to the vet at least twice per year to make sure that they are happy and healthy. These senior pet visits can help detect and prevent many illnesses, and aid in helping you care for them in the best way possible!


You  know your pets best, and you are their best advocate. If you are concerned about your senior pet’s health, talk to your vet! You can also assess your pet’s health and quality of life by paying attention to changes in their:

  • sleeping patterns (increase or decrease)
  • eating habits
  • water intake
  • exercise tolerance
  • behavioral changes

If you are noticing any changes in your senior companion animal in these, or other, categories, do not be afraid to ask your vet questions about their health and wellness. In the meantime, let’s celebrate our senior pets and the show gratitude for the days, weeks, and years of love they have given us!


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