For Veterinary Professionals: Coping with the Stress of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and a Resource Guide For You

dog veterinarian and cat

Dear Veterinary Colleagues and Friends,

The COVID-19 Pandemic has turned our world upside down and continues to change life as we know it. As we cope with new protocols and complex repercussions during this uncertain time, it is incredibly important to remember that we are all in this together. We can still continue to support one another, connect and collaborate within the veterinary community, and positively engage with the world around us.

It is also very important that each of us know and embrace what we have control over versus what we don’t have control over.

Many of our emotions, stresses and daily reactions are universal and completely normal, and it is helpful to remember that we always have a choice in how we respond.

I can control - I cannot control - image COVID 19

The upside is that there are so many positive stories, resources and tips accessible online and through social media. The downside is that the current circumstances can feel daunting, and all of the information can be challenging to process and integrate into our daily lives. This situation continues to evolve and it is easy to feel overwhelmed keeping up with everything.

We have worked to make this easier for you, by compiling some of the most relevant and helpful information, resources, articles and tips in one location – here in this post! Here you will find a Resource Guide created just for you and your practice to help you within a variety of areas: VSW Resource Guide – COVID 19 – for Vet Professionals –2- March 2020

We hope this Resource Guide will offer something that resonates for you personally or professionally. We will continue to update the Guide with relevant and helpful information. There are many wonderful free offers and trials currently available within the areas of mental, physical health and well-being. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources, find what works for YOU, and do it! 

Finally, we also want to offer our support and deep gratitude to all of you. Every day, you dedicate yourself to treat, care for and alleviate the suffering of our community’s precious pets. We know that this virus, and the precautions taken to prevent the spread of it, have caused immense strain on the veterinary community financially, emotionally, and systemically.  We, the social work team at Summit Veterinary Referral Center, are here to support your practices, staff and clients as we navigate this situation together. Our support services are available to you and clients by phone or via the free, confidential online video platform, Zoom.


Grateful for VetMed


Be Well and Stay Healthy – We Are Here for You.


Rachel Wright, MSW, LSWAIC (Veterinary Social Worker)

Allison Rolfe, MSW-Candidate (Veterinary Social Work Extern)

Summit Veterinary Referral Center


To Contact Us (Monday – Friday):


Landline phone: 253-983-1114

Mondays/Wednesdays: 206.925.3546 (Rachel – work cell phone)

Tuesdays/Thursdays/ Fridays: 253-290-1556 (Allison – work cell phone)


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